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Kunshan Shuangqiaoshan Sensor Control Technology Co., Ltd.
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Address: Jiangsu Kunshan,Zhouzhuang Academy of high-tech industrial park

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Kunshan Bridging sensor Control Technology Co., Ltd. Kunshan is a high-tech industrial park in Kunshan Chinese Academy of Sciences , the National Torch Program industrial base in Kunshan sensor core backbone enterprises, established in 2001 with registered assets of 5 million yuan , the total assets of nearly 13.2 million yuan . 压力传感器为主导产品,兼及其它相关传感器、变送器,自控仪表及系统的开发、生产与销售。">Company MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensor for leading products, and and other related sensors, transmitters, instruments and automation systems development , production and sales. The company in 2002 as high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province , Kunshan City, 2008 through the review of the first 33 high-tech enterprises. In 2002 the company passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification in 2007 through the weapons and equipment research and production units confidentiality certification , in 2010 passed the weapons and equipment research and production licenses ; company has been rated hundred private enterprises in Suzhou , China private Technology enterprise Innovation Award, quality Trustworthy Enterprise in Jiangsu Province , Kunshan Municipal Science and Technology R & D Center , the top ten high-tech enterprises in Kunshan City ; has won the national Technology Invention , national Invention Patent Award , Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Progress Award, China instrument Society of Science and Technology achievement Award , Association of petrochemical technology Invention , Chinese Institute of Electronics, electronic inion Science and Technology Award, Suzhou Science and Technology Invention , Suzhou Municipal Science and Technology progress Award, the top ten outstanding patent Suzhou Awards , honors and other brand-name products in Suzhou City, more than ten items.
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