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Research and development of electronic tire pressure sensor

Research and development of electronic tire pressure sensor

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压力传感器,此产品将">Heilongjiang Daily News December 24 , Heilongjiang Jesse Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and General Motors electronics company recently signed a contract , the company will use the U.S. General Jesse 's MEMS technology , joint development and production of both high-end electronic tire pressure sensors, this product will fill the technology gap.

With the development of the automotive industry and people's widespread use of the car , tire pressure becomes a problem of concern to users . Jesse Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in Heilongjiang through market research and business negotiations, with world-renowned companies - General Motors Electronics marriage , with the United States a strong technical force, the use of more advanced technology than nano MEMS technology ( also known as microelectromechanical systems ) , R & D China standard SJ_TPMS tire pressure sensors. It is the combination of electronic and mechanical properties , is compatible with physics , chemistry, biology three features that make the car tire pressure sensors not only reduce costs , improve accuracy more substantial , more secure and reliable . It is reported that this product can be mass-produced in 2014 , when Jesse will set up branches in some provinces and cities nationwide .
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