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Statistics will be able to put a sensor on board the number of passengers

Statistics will be able to put a sensor on board the number of passengers

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Yangzi Evening News ( Reporter correspondent Yang Ping Zhang Lin ) during the spring , a number of staff is no longer needed , just put a Xtion sensor on the bus , the system will be able to have accurate statistics of the number of passengers , so overloading nowhere to hide. It will be installed in the library , bus and other public places , both day and night , the same can achieve accurate traffic statistics , and the accuracy can reach more than 96%. Reporters learned yesterday from Nanjing University , School of intelligent traffic statistics undergraduate Dong and electro-optical systems , Tian Jie, Zou Yunhao three students designed and successfully solved the problem of traffic statistics in public places .

Dong Chao said this invention is that they come by chance . Previously they liked to play games , Xtion sensor is ASUS 's leading products, mainly using infrared sensing spatial depth inion, so users do not need other auxiliary facilities , you can come through body movements instead of a keyboard , mouse or game handles and other input devices , using the most natural way to execute a command or computer to interact with the computer . After the products come out, is not limited to the somatosensory game, one after the other types of commercial and domestic applications developed, such as the use of infrared sensing objects falling path calculation , design and never miss a trash can and so on.

In the teacher 's help, he and two classmates began to consider how to use this sensor to make a traffic statistics system . 压力传感器乘客计数、基于视频的乘客计数、红外传感器乘客计数。">After the study, they learned that the more widespread use of APC (Automatic Passenger Counting ) system generally includes a pressure sensor passenger counting, video-based passenger counting, infrared sensors passenger count. These methods in the context of complex , large passenger density environments there are some errors. Low pressure sensor passenger counting accuracy and high maintenance costs. Video-based automatic counting techniques passengers mainly color image pattern recognition technology, which is relatively mature, but the system cost is relatively high , the recognition accuracy greatly influenced by the environment.
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