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Analysis of the Characteristics of silicon micro-pressure sensors and industrial applications

Analysis of the Characteristics of silicon micro-pressure sensors and industrial applications

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压力传感器,对此美国日本和欧洲均已形成产业。">Typical products manufactured using micro-machining technology is a silicon micro- pressure sensors , which U.S. Japan and Europe have formed industry . Silicon has developed rapidly in recent years, miniature pressure sensor , the sensor is mainly used in the automotive industry and health care fields.

Features miniature silicon pressure sensor is small, light weight , no moving parts , high reliability , but also large-scale production of the sensor , so low cost. High reliability, low cost requirements for the automotive industry can be said to be very suitable, it was quickly expanded its applications in the automotive industry . Such as automatic braking system pressure car surface pressure , tire pressure , balloon pressure , transmission fluid pressure , fluid pressure injection system , fuel injection pressure, engine oil pressure . Intake manifold pressure sensor has a silicon micro- pressure amount useless.

LUCASNOVASENSOR companies even using micro-machining techniques to develop a direct buried tire pressure sensors. It is very low in car tires or tire pressure when the gas ran to alert the driver . The annual auto production capacity of up to several thousand units worldwide , so this is a very promising market .

Silicon micro- pressure sensors in healthcare applications where the maximum blood pressure monitor. Allegedly some large medical equipment manufacturer to be used every year nearly 5 million pressure sensors. In addition, women in childbirth the uterus while monitoring the pressure with a miniature silicon pressure sensors , intravenous liquid flow sensor monitors are a considerable number of market demand. Many other healthcare applications are being constantly developed.

Silicon miniature pressure sensor is basically divided into two categories: capacitive and piezoresistive . Capacitive pressure sensor comprising a membrane , which acts as one plate of the variable air capacitor , the film when subjected to pressure , the film displacement , thereby changing the capacitance value , with this change process through the respective circuits , the pressure can be obtained value. The principle of resistance change is generated when a silicon piezoresistive material to withstand the pressure sensor is made , generally four strain resistance silicon material constituting the Wheatstone bridge to measure pressure.
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